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Do you need a new key or housing for your Jaguar? At you are at the right address. Not only keys and housings can be purchased from us, in our offer you will also find remote controls, smart keys, transponders and key chains.

Keys suitable for the following Jaguar models has keys for different Jaguar models. Below are listed all car models for which we have suitable car keys.

  • Jaguar XF
  • Jaguar F-Pace
  • Jaguar F-type
  • Jaguar S-type
  • Jaguar XE
  • Jaguar XF
  • Jaguar XJ
  • Jaguar XJS
  • Jaguar XK

Need an extra key for your Jaguar? We can help you!

Do you need an extra key for your Jaguar? At we are happy to help you with a new key. You can have a new key made and you can replace a possible stolen key. Then you do not run the risk that someone else runs off in your Jaguar. You can order a key with and without a remote control for your Jaguar. Are you going for a flip key or a smart key? All you have to do is program the remote control and possibly have it cut to your key blade. Here can also help you based on your mechanical key code. Read more about our programming and cutting service.

Most sold: Jaguar Folding key

The most sold Jaguar key is the flip key with 4 buttons. You can transfer the electronics from your current remote control to the new enclosure yourself. You do not need to reprogram the key. The housing is supplied without electronics and transponder. You can transfer the key bit of your current key so that you do not have to cut it. Do you have problems with the key bit of your current key? Ask for help.

Replace your Jaguar key battery yourself

Does your key suddenly stop working? Then your Jaguar key may need a new battery. You can easily replace it yourself without the help of your Jaguar dealer or a car diagnostic specialist.

Why do you need to program a Jaguar key?

If you have purchased a new key with remote control or smart key for your Jaguar, it must still be programmed. Teaching is the same as programming your key. You need special equipment to learn a remote control. Often you do not have this yourself and you have to go to a Jaguar dealer or auto-diagnostic specialist. can also help you with this. Are you coming with the car to our address in Nunspeet? Then we can program your Jaguar car key while you wait. Read more about the programming service.

The ideal gift: Jaguar Keychain

Are you looking for an original gift for a real Jaguar enthusiast? This is your chance. With a stylish keychain for his/her birthday, anniversary or for the holidays. The ideal gift. has several key rings, i.e., key rings with the logo, a key ring with lobster clasp, a steering keychain or a robust keyring with leather. Starting at € 6.50 you will have a silver key ring in a gift box.

What makes a Jaguar a real Jaguar?

Jaguar made his appearance in 1935. The English car brand was founded by William Lyons in 1922 under the name Swallow Sidecar Company. Motor sport was introduced at the time of entry. One of the first RAC Rallies was won by the SS 100 (Swallow Sidecar). During the Second World War, the English town of Coventry, where Jaguar was located, was under attack. This allowed Jaguar to introduce a new model in 1948: Jaguar Mk V. This model played an important role in the reconstruction of Jaguar. According to Lyons, Jaguar represents a unique connection between performance and beauty. With the introduction of the F-type, this tradition continues to this day. helps you order one or more car keys or key cases for your Jaguar. If you order today, your will receive your order tomorrow.

Looking for keys for other car brands?

At you can find keys and housings from various car brands. Are you looking for a key from another brand? Click on the relevant brand below:

Is your car not in the list? Contact and we will help you further.

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