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Looking for a Honda key or housing? has a large selection of keys and housings for the Honda car brand. Folding keys, transponders, chips, remote controls, key holders, key blades, key covers, ignition locks, door locks and key rings for Honda's can also be purchased from us.

Keys suitable for the following Honda models

There are many different Honda models. has keys for almost every Honda model. For the following models we have car keys, housings and other parts in our collection:

  • Honda Accord
  • Honda Civic
  • Honda Concerto
  • Honda CR-V
  • Honda CR-Z
  • Honda CRX
  • Honda FR-V
  • Honda HR-V
  • Honda Insight
  • Honda Jazz
  • Honda Legend
  • Honda Logo
  • Honda NSX
  • Honda Prelude
  • Honda S2000
  • Honda Shuttle
  • Honda Stream

Quickly and easily make a new Honda car key

Have you lost your key and would you like to have an extra car key? This can be done quickly and easily at You can choose from a wide range of keys, folding keys with and without remote control for your Honda model. All you have to do is program the remote and have the key blade cut. You can do this using your current spare key.

Key broken? Have your key repaired

If the housing of your Honda car key is defective, the folding mechanism no longer works, or if new pressure switches have to be soldered on the PCB, have them repaired by a specialist. can also do this for you. You can bring the key in Nunspeet or send it to us. The repair includes a new housing and the costs vary between € 20, - and € 40, -. Learn more about our key repair service.

Program your Honda key while you wait

Have you ordered a new remote control key for your Honda? Then you will have to learn or program the key. recommends that you visit a car diagnostic specialist or your Honda dealer. Your key is being taught in with special software. When you come with the relevant care to our Nunspeet address, we can program your Honda car key while you wait. Read more about the programming service.

Honda to make motor keys? That is also possible!

We have more than car keys from the Honda brand. We also have for Honda motorcycle keys. Please contact us at for more information. A Honda motorcycle key is available starting at 15,-. View our range of motorcycle keys for various Honda models.

Dream, race and innovate with Honda

From the first motorized bike to a Hondajet and Asimo, that is a short summary of the long career of Soichiro, the founder of the car brand Honda. "We have only one future and this will consist of our dreams if we have the courage to take on the challenge with conventions," says Soichiro. In 1946, he developed his first vehicle a motorized bicycle. In 1963 he decided to switch to vehicles with four wheels and he developed the S500 Roadster. Meanwhile, Honda has been around for more than 70 years and the brand still holds on to dreams, racing and innovation. Read more about Honda.

Looking for keys for other car brands?

At you can find keys and housings from various car brands. Are you looking for a key from another brand? Click on the relevant brand below:

Is your car not in the list? Contact and we will help you further.

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